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Once you purchase the content you will receive an automated email with instructions on how to access the KBYG Portal. The portal will provie you with all the details you need for the KBYG program including download links for the content..

The following avalanche awareness content is available as part of the KBYG Program:

  • Know Before You Go presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint format.
  • Know Before You Go presentation promotional materials
  • Know Before You Go Feature Film (Coming Nov 20220)
  • Know Before You Go Presentation recording. Watch one of our allstar KBYG instructors present the program. Use this for your audience or as a presenter training tool.
  • KBYG Training Films
    • Get The Forecast
    • Get the Gear
    • Get the Training
    • Get the Picture
  • KBYG tri-fold brochure for printing
  • To Hell in a Heartbeat (4 min avalanche accident reenactment for all audiences)
  • Off Piste: Tragedy in the Alps (for audiences outside of North America, focuses on resort riding) 


  • We depend on donations to pay for the KBYG program. Please consider making a donation to the KBYG program if you use the material. Contributions like yours allow us to continue generating new content.
  • There is a $20 charge for downloads to cover part of the cost of administering the KBYG program. 
  • There is a $40 charge for the thumb drive delivery to cover our cost to duplicate and ship the material and part of the cost of administering the KBYG program. If you would like a thumb drive, please place an order at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 

Important Note:

This is copyrighted material.  All videos and images included may be used for the promotion of avalanche and mountain safety only. Segments of the videos may not be separated from the entire video and used for public display without prior permission. You may modify the slide deck or use individual slides to create your own avalanche awareness presentation. If you do that, you must include the photo or video credits acknowledging Know Before You Go and the owner, if listed.  You may add logos to the slide credits but not to the video and you may not remove slide credits. Violation of these rules is a violation of U.S. and Canadian law and may be prosecuted, in addition to being a major ethical breach. You must agree to the terms and conditions during the checkout process to receive the content.